InLogic 4.0

Project name

InLogic 4.0 – Evaluation and implementation of 4.0 technologies for intelligent internal logistics management.

Execution period

15/9/2018 a 31/3/2019

File number: AEI-010500-2018-118

The project

Usage of 4.0 technologies for the analysis and subsequent implementation of solutions applied to the improvement of the internal movements of materials in two industrial companies: LINDE WIEMANN ZARAGOZA and UMEC.

Project objectives

Technical information on the project and its objectives:

The project is part of the agreement with the MINETUR’s Industria Conectada 4.0 initiative:

  • Line of action: Support for the digital evolution of the industry.
  • Strategic area:

Support for the adoption of I4.0 in industry.

Industry 4.0 projects.

From specifically, the project’s approach is aligned with the Framework for the Industry 4.0 concept defined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Industry.

This project uses technologies framed in the following areas Industry 4.0 in production processes in order to undertake the following challenges: to make them more efficient and flexible, either by means of a optimization of the existing ones or a change of the existing ones and manage series sizes and shorter turnaround times.

As shown in define, the enablers of hybridization of the physical and digital world. The physical world and the digital world can be linked by means of information gathering or information materialization systems. digital information in the physical world.

In the case of this The project focuses on two of them: advanced robotics, and the (Autonomous Guided Vehicles AGVs) and sensor technology, with the aim of to increase the efficiency of production processes, in particular in terms of the concerning the internal flow of materials.

Specifically, these technological enablers are used for these two aspects:

  • The supply of materials to the production lines and subsequent return of finished product.
  • The RFID container sensing for precise location of containers of materials, semi-finished and finished products within the plant.

The The project includes the execution of two use cases, one in each of the following areas the participating companies and the analysis of the results of these to define the improvements obtained, good practices, and the best practices of the and its possible extrapolation to other countries. applications.

Participating entities:
  • CAAR (Project Leader)
  • UMEC


Order of August 1, 2018, which announces the call for applications for 2018 of the grants established for the support to innovative business clusters with the aim of improving the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises.


  • Total bankable project budget: 208,195 euros
  • Bankable budget of ITAINNOVA: 54,126 euros.


  • Total grant approved for the project: 101,270 euros
  • Subsidy approved for ITAINNOVA: 21,650 euros.


This The project has been co-financed by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. Tourism, as part of the aids established for the support of tourism groups. to improve the competitiveness of the company’s business activities. small and medium-sized companies.

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