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Energy to Impact

New ways of applying energy to create improbable things that impact society

The culture of public service is inherent to our nature. ITA, aware and committed to the current demand of society, to answer questions about the social change produced by innovation and technology, we put at the service of society all our scientific and technological potential, equipment, infrastructure and all our R+D+i resources. Key to this is our ability to create knowledge and disseminate the work of researchers and the benefits that this research brings to the public through different actions:

Commitment and performance in sustainability

Corporate social responsibility and sustainable development are at the core of the Institute’s activities, through numerous actions, plans and successful practices in the social, economic and environmental dimensions, with a twofold objective: to improve the quality of life of citizens and ensure our sustainability.

Equality, inclusion and diversity

We promote a culture based on excellence, innovation, collaboration, talent and technology through the implementation of different plans that guarantee equal opportunities and non-discrimination.

Code of ethics and corporate social responsibility policies

We establish action guidelines in accordance with ethical and sustainable values in the Institute’s processes, products and services, taking into account the impact on society.

Memories and indicators

We accounted for our activity, in an exercise of clarity, transparency and traceability, reflected in our reports and indicators.

Certificates and seals

We have different Certifications, Seals and Adhesions that endorse our commitment to the integration of social and environmental criteria in our activity.

Volunteering and social action

Relying on our ecosystem of partners and our innovation capabilities, we lead change to generate a positive impact on society, help drive a new economic model that benefits everyone and create a more inclusive and egalitarian future.

Thanks to the talent of our professionals, our capabilities and experience working with the latest technologies, we create social impact and empower people to improve millions of lives. We also support education, culture and the economy of our region through various initiatives led by volunteers of the Institute.


Technology and innovation are revolutionizing industry, which is why ITA is launching IndustrialVille, a program where girls and boys between the ages of 10 and 12 can learn how industry is changing and how they can contribute to making it more modern, digital, sustainable and inclusive.


As part of the initiative 11defebruary.orgEvery year, we organize a day oriented to the young public, girls and boys, from primary school onwards (from 10 to 16 years old), with the aim of bringing science and technology closer to girls and boys through scientific experiments.

School visits throughout the year

The Aragon Institute of Technology receives an average of 1,000 visits per year from primary schools, secondary schools, vocational training and universities, as well as special education centers. We also participate in initiatives such as “Aprendiendo a Emprender” of Fundación Ibercaja. During these visits they learn about unique technologies and facilities in Aragon in order to inspire them for future STEM careers.

Saturdays IA

The AI sector in Aragon is experiencing exponential growth, with the irruption of AI in consolidated fields such as agriculture, livestock and tourism. This is forcing us to innovate and apply novel techniques in completely unexplored areas. In ITA we work to bring Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to the whole Aragonese community.

Science Race Organization

Organized by the University of Zaragoza, the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), the Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón (ITAINNOVA) and the Centro de Empresas e Innovación de Aragón (CEEIARAGON), and held thanks to the sponsorship of Certest Biotec and the support of several collaborating entities and individuals. We organize a sporting, collaborative, supportive and sustainable event, which enables the maximum participation of people linked to SCIENCE and those who, with their participation, claim greater visibility, social and institutional support for it.

Materials collection campaigns


Our goal is to continuously improve. Help us with your opinions and suggestions.

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