Singular installations

Singular installations

Smart Structures and Systems

With the implementation of ITA’s Smart Structures and Systems we want to provide companies with facilities, advanced equipment and cutting-edge knowledge to support research, design, development and validation of new products and industrial processes. In short, the aim is to create a meeting place to make change, adaptation and technology tangible, in which companies, people in training, entrepreneurs and ITA researchers work together in the development of new systems and products that generate high value for our society through technology.

  • AI and Cognitive Systems: We bring Big Data, Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning to public and private sector companies through real applications.
  • Smart Structures and Systems: We work in the field of structural integrity, fatigue, durability and monitoring of structures, including the engineering aspects of materials and transformation processes.
  • Robotics: We work in robotics solutions, control and autonomous perception and navigation systems, both terrestrial and aerial.

Autonomous and connected vehicle laboratory

Laboratory in Motorland that aims to give a new life to the circuit beyond the sporting uses and will make the Bajo Aragonese center a benchmark for R+D+i in the field of mobility thanks to the deployment of one of the first 5 G Stand Alone networks in Spain and applications developed by the institute around the sensorized and connected vehicle.

Semi-anechoic chamber of the Institute

Unique facility used to carry out R&D projects related to EMC, and tests to verify compliance with standards to comply with the EMC Directive 2014/30 and to be able to CE Mark electrical products. Its size is 18x9x7 m and allows product certification tests.

Elevator towers

ITAINNOVA has as singular facilities, two elevator towers, where elevator components are tested (link to elevator tests). These towers consolidate ITA’s line of innovation related to Vertical Transport, which addresses energy efficiency, life cycle analysis (LCA), to assess the environmental impact and apply the criteria of eco-design of products and systems for the elevator; safety systems, analysis and resolution of problems associated with vibration and noise.

At the Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón we have unique facilities and laboratories at the disposal of companies, which allow us to carry out the activity from the ITA promoting innovation and technological development.

DIC (Digital Imagination Center)

A creative and open space to immerse yourself in imagination, innovation and new digital and sustainable technologies, where we provide training that drives technological entrepreneurship.

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