Intelligent health
Intelligent health

Intelligent health

Intelligent health

Healthcare is a necessity in a world undergoing systemic change, due, among other things, to the aging of the population, the increase in chronically ill people, depopulation and other factors, which entail a structural change of the entire system, a radical transformation that inevitably relies on technology and data.

We must address challenges such as:

  • Maintain an innovative, sustainable and global healthcare industry. Working towards a more circular and automated healthcare industry, with more efficient and flexible production processes.
  • Digitizing and optimizing healthcare systems. Challenge aimed at digital transformation and modernization of healthcare systems, especially with a focus on improving the management of planning, logistics, resources and infrastructure, and interventions, etc.
  • Have personalized medicine approaches to address diseases and reduce disease burden. Achieve more effective health burden management for healthcare providers through personalized medicine approaches, with clinical decision support tools and early diagnosis.
  • Assistive technologies for staying healthy in a changing population. It refers to the aging of the population, the increase in chronic diseases and depopulation, which gives rise to the need for assistive technologies for the aging population.

In this sense, the pandemic has given a boost to policies and strategies at the global, European and national levels that promote the use of technologies and especially those of the so-called Industry 4.0 applied to health, known as Health 4.0. This concept will transform the way we understand healthcare, the products and services that companies develop, now more focused on solving patient and user needs and more personalized. Also, new business models and new capabilities emerge as technology is combined with healthcare.

At ITA we work towards a single smarter and greener health that improves people’s well-being, life and health.


Con una aproximación tecnológica y multidisciplinar desarrollamos productos, procesos y tecnologías que dan respuesta a las necesidades y retos de la cadena de valor de la salud.

4 son las líneas principales de actuación donde la salud inteligente puede tener un gran impacto en los próximos años:

  • Imagen retos y desafios

    Medicina personalizada y de precisión

    Este reto persigue reducir la carga sanitaria de las enfermedades mediante una gestión eficaz de …

  • Imagen retos y desafios

    Envejecimiento de la población

    Envejecimiento de la población e incremento de las enfermedades crónicas uno de los mayores cambi…

  • Imagen retos y desafios

    Industria de la salud más circular y automatizada

    Industria de la salud más circular y automatizada para contrarrestar el aumento de demanda y su i…

  • Imagen retos y desafios

    Digitalización del sector

    Digitalización del sector, desde la industria a la asistencia sanitaria, el modelo productivo y d…

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