Technology consulting

Technology consulting

Technology consulting

The ITA can accompany you in the challenge of the double green and digital transformation we are facing from an integrative approach, i.e., by considering how technology, and in particular, those associated with the concept of I4.0 can be the answer to both challenges. The objective is to offer companies a set of tools and our support for the definition of a roadmap towards the model of a digitized, efficient and sustainable company.

In recent years, a series of disruptive digital technologies have emerged with a great transformative capacity: Big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, blockchain, digital twin or data analytics that can help companies to increase their competitiveness.

The objective is to first identify opportunities for improvement based on an initial diagnosis in which the company’s practices are reviewed in relation to the principles of digitization and circularity such as:

  • Aspects of reliability, robustness and maturity of the technology.
  • Initial cost and benefits.
  • Data and worker safety .
  • Maintenance and evolutions. Technology ‘absorption’ capabilities.
  • Standardization and integration possibilities with other systems.
  • Use of renewable resources, no waste, minimum impact and maximum efficiency – materials and energy.
  • Dematerialization – reducing the quantity and variety of materials
  • The use of regenerative, minimal impact, abundant, pure, healthy and safe materials for people and the environment.
  • Extending service life

The consultancy starts with an initial diagnosis in which the company’s situation is analyzed in relation to a series of dimensions that are considered key in the path towards Industry 4.0. First, we analyze the extent to which the company’s strategic vision and business model considers digital as a fundamental element. On the other hand, technological infrastructures, personnel skills and orientation towards innovation in the company around digital and sustainability technologies are valued. On this basis, we go into detail about the company’s operational processes, products and customer relationships, identifying aspects where digital technologies can help to gain efficiency and value.

Following this initial diagnosis, opportunities for technology deployment are proposed to help mitigate the gaps or shortcomings detected. These opportunities are defined on the basis of the experience of the ITA technicians involved in the study and of sectoral references or those of other companies that may be applicable to the particular case under study.

Finally, we work with the company in the prioritization of the identified opportunities different aspects are evaluated for each one of them, such as investment necessary, the impact on the company’s priority objectives and the extent to which the company has ease of the proposed developments in the company’s structure and systems.

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