The Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón (ITA) is a Public Technological Center belonging to the Government of Aragón. It is one of the most complex and unique Technology Centers. Since our birth we have been unique because we are the only ones in Spain that have to adapt and work at the same time in three demanding ecosystems with perfectly mature value chains: the innovation business market and its economic rules, the actions under public policies and their administrative processes, and the excellence of the R&D&I research activity and the generation of new knowledge.

In turn, ITA is the major driving agent of the regional innovation ecosystem, with the objectives set out in the current strategic plan of:


new relationship models based on open innovation in which, through ITA, we connect the innovation needs of large companies with the creation capacity and agility of SMEs and start-ups, especially in Aragon.


new opportunities for Aragon. Develop and experiment with new models of higher-risk collaboration with companies, start-ups, institutions and private investors aimed at supporting the creation of new value chains of interest for Aragon.


to local agents to promote the technological innovation of companies in the territory, reaching places we could never have imagined.

Innovation arises from collaboration, from the union of different points of view and diverse knowledge. That is why it is very important for us to build a network of partners with whom we can go hand in hand and grow together.

From business organizations, clusters or the public administration, to other technology centers and universities. Together to bring technological innovation to all of society and the private sector.


We are the Government of Aragon, but it is also our partner and we bring new technologies to the different departments.

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Aragon EDIH

The Aragon EDIH (AEDIH) was born from an Aragonese initiative launched in 2017 by the Technological Institute of Aragon(ITAINNOVA), together with the Aragonese Development Institute (IAF) and the University of Zaragoza(UNIZAR) and whose objective was to boost digitization in Aragonese companies and organizations. Facilitate access to cutting-edge technologies and create collaborative networks, as well as new value chains for new digital markets.

Aragon Institute of Technology

Currently and with the new entity of AEDIH, the hub is joined as partners by business organizations of Aragon (CEOEAragon andCEPYMEAragón), regional ICT cluster (TECNARA) and the Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Services of Aragon (Aragon Chambers), which contribute as connecting arms with the productive fabric and the companies that compose it.


Clusters are sectorial business organizations, and a great ally for us to go hand in hand with the private sector in innovation projects.

Research centers and universities

Other government agencies

National technology platforms

European networks

We coordinate one of the Spanish consortiums of the Enterprise Europe Network, a network promoted by the European Union and made up of more than 600 organizations worldwide. We are partners of the following national and European platforms.

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