Project name

DRILLTUNEL – Robotic and simulation technology for geophysical ground characterization in tunnel construction.

Execution period

From October 2016 to March 2017

File number: AEI-010500-2017-286

The project

The project has been carried out between ANMOPYC, the companies TABE and UMACON, and the Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón (ITAINNOVA), has as its objective to the quality of the geological information obtained previously and in general during tunnel construction through the development of a tunneling equipment of geological prospecting.

Project objectives

Technical information on the project and its objectives:

The The objective of this project is the experimental development of a new geophysical sounding machine that incorporates a geophysical drilling technology. horizontal drilling, which combines the characteristics of horizontal drilling techniques with those of horizontal drilling. of rotopercussion and high-frequency vibration, to a ground vehicle. or mobile self-supporting structure and suitable for the aggressive environment of the tunneling process or other possible applications.

As additional specific objectives, the following are proposed:

  • Select the suitable vehicle/structure and analyze technological adaptations that are necessary for the incorporation of the technology of the drilling.
  • Analyze the implementation of the vehiculated drilling in other construction processes of infrastructure and, where feasible, to develop and develop technologically at the conceptual level, the adaptation of the equipment to the new application.
  • Analyze the technical and operational feasibility of an advanced drilling technology demonstration center.
  • Define business models for the resulting team.
  • Define the industrial protection strategy.
  • Write a European project proposal (H2020) for 2017 that will allow us to advance on the technology roadmap to develop an autonomous robot based on the of the machine defined in this project.

This project is divided into 7 activities with a duration of 6 months. The tasks The project management activities are carried out throughout the life of the project. project, from October 2016 to March 2017. The following is a list of activities and the leaders of each activity:

A0. Definition of the work team and coordination of the project. (ANMOPYC)

A1. Definition and selection of the vehicle or mobile structure. (UMACON)

A2. Experimental development of mobile equipment for horizontal geophysical characterization of terrain. (TABE)

A3. Technical feasibility analysis of new applications for the drilling vehicle. (UMACON)

A4. Technical and operational analysis of the drilling bench (ITAINNOVA).

A5. Development of new business models and industrial protection strategy. (UMACON)

A6. Dissemination of project results. (ANMOPYC)

Participating entities:
  • ANMOPYC (Coordinator)
  • TABE

Call to which the project belongs

Innovative Business Clusters

This The project has received grant assistance under the support program for Innovative Business Groups (AEIs). This program to support the strengthening of innovation clusters se the European strategy to improve the competitiveness of the European Union’s innovation.

The groups that can benefit from the grants of the program are those entities whose innovative potential and mass are The critical acclaim has earned them recognition from the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (MINECO) through its registration in the Registry of Innovative Business Groups.

Budget: 135,376

Financing: 51.377
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