Test benches

Test benches

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Test benches

What does it solve?

The design of any prototype generally requires an infrastructure to identify its performance and possible improvements. For this purpose, product development test benches are developed where basic parameters can be tested using high-precision instrumentation, periodically calibrated with the objective of knowing and justifying the key parameters.

Advantages and benefits

On the other hand, the need to verify that the materials, manufacturing and assembly processes of simple or composite components have been carried out in compliance with the quality criteria and ensuring the performance required in the design process, quality control benches are developed to ensure that the production has been executed correctly and that the product confirms the values defined in its data sheets.


  • Measurement of electric motor parameters: Electric machines, widely used in all types of industries, can be tested to check all their parameters. Other functionalities such as noise measurements, vibrations, ventilation, detectors, additional safety features are integrated into the testing process to validate the overall system.
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic drives: Widely used in industry, pneumatic and hydraulic systems can be tested in installations equivalent to real ones, subjected to climatic chambers and operation similar to a real installation.
  • Frictional wear of parts: Wear of moving parts can be predicted by accelerated running tests. The knowledge gained from testing and trials allows us to improve the performance of materials.
  • Specific control systems: In addition to specific projects of product testing systems, ITAINNOVA has collaborated in the development of automatic control systems for processes and shows (Expo 2008, control of the Iceberg night show).

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