The development of different key enabling technologies (KETs) is a key factor for the generation of new products and services that may be available in the market in the next decade. Within these technologies, the generation of membranes and surfaces with nanotechnology-based solutions offer enormous potential, aligning with sustainable development objectives to generate a positive impact on society and key industrial sectors.

Efficient and circular industry
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The objective of New Skin is to create a testbed innovation system open to companies, so as to generate an innovation ecosystem that accelerates the introduction of nanotechnologies in an efficient way for the generation of new advanced industrial products.


During the execution of the project, the more than 30 partners will create a single entry system to facilitate access to the different nanotechnologies developed in the project, and will validate these technologies and the serial manufacturing processes by creating more than 100 real demonstration cases, such as new alloys, composite materials or hybrid composites. The benefits are manifold, ranging from increased product life, reduced energy consumption through reduced friction, improved permeability, surface protection with new coatings, …

Applied technological solutions

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