On-site industrial innovation services for mobility

On-site industrial innovation services

Sustainable mobility

On-site industrial innovation services

What does it solve?

In-plant engineering project management and development (development, manufacturing and logistics, quality)

Advantages and benefits

  • Integration in the client’s departments for the support and management of internal or development projects where specialized engineers are required and where the use of technology can provide the necessary excellence to maximize the returns to be achieved.
  • Creation of multi-purpose teams of engineers at the customer’s site
  • Technological support capacity to meet the challenges that lie ahead

Typical departments and tasks we are used to leading are:

  • Development Engineering: launching of new projects
  • Manufacturing and logistics engineering: industrialization of new projects, automation/optimization of manufacturing processes and material flows
  • Quality and validation: supplier management, validation plans, and metrology.

Success stories

We help you to develop new products and improve processes

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