Energy storage

Energy storage

Development of systems based on batteries, supercaps and hybrids; and H2 technologies.

Clean energy

Energy storage

What does it solve?

Changes in demand patterns and the penetration of solar PV and wind on the grid will double flexibility needs by 2030 and quadruple them by 2050.

Energy storage is presented as an essential part of a stable, efficient and sustainable electricity system. ITA’s contribution encompasses different types of storage including batteries, supercaps and hybrid storage, and hydrogen technologies.

Advantages and benefits

Our expertise in electrical systems, power electronics and electrochemical systems allows us to support the development of storage systems from the initial design phases through the development of models and digital twins, to prototyping and experimental testing in a relevant environment.

We have a Zero Emissions laboratory, a 100 kVA hybrid network that integrates wind and photovoltaic generation; battery and hydrogen storage; and charging emulators. Capable of working connected or in island, it has interconnected DC and AC branches. This facility allows us to demonstrate our developments, and to improve existing products by optimizing their operation to increase their efficiency and durability.

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