Technology watch and competitive intelligence Technology watch and competitive intelligence

Technology watch and competitive intelligence

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Technology watch and competitive intelligence

What does it solve?

Competitive Intelligence helps to minimize risks in decision making and compete better in globalized environments by identifying threats and opportunities for companies in advance by answering key questions such as: what is your competitor doing, in which markets is he acting, on which technologies does he leverage his activity, who are his technological partners, etc.

Advantages and benefits

Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence provides a structured and clear understanding of technological trends, detecting and analyzing emerging technologies, detecting technological opportunities and threats, new product lines and technologies, technological benchmarking or knowing the strategic movements of your direct competitors and/or market leaders are factors of direct impact on your business that are key and whose control gives your organization a competitive advantage as well as allowing you to react in time to any growing threat.

  • Technology Watch is an organized, selective and permanent process of capturing information from outside and from within the organization on science and technology, selecting it, analyzing it, disseminating it and communicating it, in order to convert it into knowledge to make decisions with less risk and to be able to anticipate changes.
  • Inteligencia Competitiva translates the information from the Technology Watch and generates knowledge with the help of technical specialists in each subject.

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