Presentation and objectives:

The Technological Institute of Aragon will develop training actions and projects whose main objective is to increase the employability of unemployed professionals and workers, improving the adequacy of initial education and training to the demands of the labor market and updating their knowledge through the incorporation of new technologies and innovation in Aragonese companies, and ensuring the acutalization of skills in techniques, new technologies, methods and innovative processes, with special attention to industry 4.0.

These training actions aimed at training workers in sectors of innovative activity and high added value, are included in the European Social Fund Operational Program of Aragon 2014-2020, included in the Priority Axis 1 “Promote sustainability and quality in employment and promote labor mobility”. Thematic objective OT 8 “Promote employment and encourage labor mobility”. Investment Priority PI 8.1 “Access to employment for job seekers and inactive people, including the long-term unemployed and people far from the labor market, as well as local initiatives and initiatives to promote labor mobility”. Specific Objective SO 8.1.2. “To improve employability, especially for unemployed people and/or job seekers, through the acquisition and/or updating of professional skills.


TOTAL ITAINNOVA budget: 300,000 €.


TOTAL ITANNOVA financing: 300,000 €.

This action is 50% financed by the Government of Aragon (Aragonese Employment Institute) and 50% by the European Social Fund of the European Union “Building Europe from Aragon”.

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