SICADDEMA is made up of researchers and technologists from the INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO DE ARAGÓN – ITAINNOVA that carry out their activity in the and experimental development in the field of applied research and experimental development in Materials. SICADDEMA has 50 members, of which 24 are PhDs, 17 are Ph. graduates and 9 associate’s degree graduates. SICADDEMA’s research activity is structured along six lines: a) Micromechanical analysis and multiscale simulation, b) Multiphysics and multidomain simulation, c) Nanocomposites and other applications of nanotechnology in materials development, d) Design and development of composite materials, e) Advanced Materials Modeling and Characterization and f) Structural integrity and fatigue. In all the lines, the generation and collection of advanced knowledge in different aspects of Science and Engineering materials that can then be adapted and transferred to the companies within the different typologies of collaboration of ITAINNOVA with the industry. The SICADDEMA Group is directed by Dra. Leticia Gracia Grijota and Each of the R&D lines is headed by a doctor or researcher. coordinator. SICADDEMA (Ref. T15) receives funding under the call for proposals of grants for the research activity of the research groups of the research recognized by the Government of Aragon and its call for proposals. for the year 2016 co-financed with the Operational Program ERDF Aragón 2014-2020. The funding received by this research group is as follows 19,889.00.

Building Europe from Aragon
European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

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