General project data

Description: INNPACTO 2011 – NOVARED (System to distribute and increase the value created and the Internet). File number: IPT-2011-1942-430000. Date of award: 20/12/2011. Dates of execution: 05/05/2011 – 12/31/2013.

Presentation and objectives

The main technological objective of the project “NOVARED – System for Distributing and Increasing Value Created on the Internet” is the development of the necessary components for to make a change in the Internet value chain, allowing for the sharing value among agents based on actual and expected contributions. introducing systems that ensure safety, transparency and transparency, and network equity. This will allow for the creation of more value and opportunities in the network by creating a framework in the network that will give confidence to citizens and encourage Operator investments. Network and Copyrighted Content Providers.

From a technical point of view, NOVARED consists of a distributed platform that combines technologies Peer-to-Peer with web 2.0 technologies capable of providing at the same time of the means of generating and consuming content and services as well as of the intelligence needed to provide cross-cutting functionalities as authorization, control of use or advertising in P2P networks. From this NOVARED ceases to be just another means of generating and distributing content that allows you to generate revenue from advertising or subscriptions to distribution plans for protected content. NOVARED provides mechanisms to redistribute this income to the poorest sectors of the population. different actors according to their participation in the model thanks to its centralized logic.

These specific project objectives are: Change in the internet value chain, the modification of the internet value chain should be focused on advertising as the current economic driver. Sharing of value among agents based on actual contributions, the The real content that drives the advertising is the personal data of the users, their interests or purchase intention. Currently, these content is managed by a small set of agents (Facebook, Google, Exelate) and never by the user himself. Introduce systems that guarantee the security, transparency and fairness of the network, the own management of your personal data (your content) in a secure manner and transparent is the objective of the project. The user must be able to to control your data and analyze how to get the most out of your data. themselves. The objective being to allow the user when and how to yield these data, key to the acceptance of the NOVARED system. Development of the necessary components, NOVARED aims to develop a pre-commercial demonstrator that will allow the above objectives to be achieved.

The current system architecture in the second year of the project:


Participating entities

Bizeu Consulting, S.L.(project leader). Warp Networks, S.L. Aragon Institute of Technology (ITAINNOVA).

Call for applications

INNPACTO 2011, belonging to the National Research Plan. Scientific, Development and Technological Innovation 2008-2011, of the former Ministry of Science and Innovation.


Total bankable budget of the project: 1,367,482.25 . ITAINNOVA’s bankable budget: 348,587.60 .


Total project grant: 348,587.60 . Total project loan: 929,468.42 . Grant to ITAINNOVA: 348,587.60 .

This project has received funding from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

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