The main objectives of the action is to design the architecture and to develop a pre-deployment pilot interoperable ICT platform (the ?MIELE? Middleware?) able to interface ICT systems (i.e. single windows, port community systems) in Italy, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus and Germany (the National Vertical Pilots).

The MIELE Middleware is a demonstrator of a software tool enabling existing ICT systems to be interoperable. Directive 2010/65 EU on reporting formalities requires that in each Member State a single interface exists and that ICT systems in different Member States are interoperable as far as ship reporting formalities are concerned. The National Vertical Pilots are demonstrators of such national single interfaces whose interoperability among them is allowed through the MIELE Middleware. The MIELE project will take into consideration the requirements of the Directive 2010/65/EU.

The Action, which is a study taking the form of a Pilot action, will include :

  • mapping the needs of relevant stakeholders;
  • designing and developing the MIELE middleware;
  • adapting, upgrading and integrating existing ICT systems (national and international single windows, port single windows, port communities, private operators? ICT systems) in order to be interoperable with the MIELE middleware;
  • achieving and demonstrating systems interoperability through the MIELE middleware;
  • designing the framework for the exploitation of the MIELE middleware and the possible full deployment of its services after the completion of this pilot action.

The Action is organized in two parts:

  • PART A (activities 1 and 2) ? Verification of existing ICT systems and pre-implementation phase of the pilot by developing:
    • a working concept for each of the National Vertical Pilots with a number of functionalities; or
    • detailed specifications and user needs for the MIELE Middleware.
  • PART B (activities 3 and 4) ? Deployment of a full-scale, integrated and interoperable demonstrator (MIELE Middleware Demonstrator) resulting from the integration of the 5 National Vertical Pilots with the MIELE Middleware according to the specifications of Action PART A. The demonstrator will also show a set of all the potential services to be offered by the MIELE Middleware, including the development of an agreed Road Map for full service deployment.

The continuation of the financial aid from PART A to PART B is conditional to the approval by the TEN-T Agency of the results of Part A, which should demonstrate the feasibility of the deployment of a full-scale, integrated and interoperable demonstrator (MIELE Middleware Demonstrator).

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