LOGINN Logistics Innovation Recruitment aims at coordinating and to support integrated technology projects (RTD) in the area of logistics to improve its capabilities to bridge the gap between the pilot implementation and commercial solutions. To achieve this goal LOGINN will establish a collaborative platform to allow the main actors in the logistics domain (industry, SMEs, etc.), public administrations, investors, and public sector organizations. research) can work together in the promotion of solutions for innovative logistics for transportation, aimed at increasing the efficiency and with a particular focus on intermodal transportation.

This European project involves the participation of technological centers, companies, universities, transport and logistics institutes of Italy, Sweden, Greece, Germany, Norway and Spain. The Institute Technological Institute of Aragon (ITA) represents our country, together with the Carreras transportation company.

In the last decade, several initiatives have been developed for the the level of adoption of the same by the companies, but the level of The number of transportation companies has been low, especially when compared to other sectors. This is due, on the one hand, to the idiosyncrasies of the sector, issues such as the structure of a fragmented market, the pressure of the and a high degree of outsourcing, and, on the other hand, the lack of dissemination of these innovation projects.

LOGINN will drive precisely this adoption of innovation in logistics. by transportation with a holistic approach that takes into consideration business models, technologies and business practices, as well as the logistics. This approach will favor the personalization of results. RTD towards real solutions to the industrial demand as well as the development of sustainable business plans for Europe.

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