General project data

Description: INNPACTO 2012 – CONTVLAB Distributed system for verification, testing and certification of new generation connected TV applications and services (HbbTV, Android TV, Smart TV).

File number: IPT-2012-0871-430000.

Award date: 12/17/2012.

Dates of execution: 01/03/2013 – 31/05/2015.

Presentation and objectives

The ConTV-LAB project (Distributed Laboratory System for the Verification, Testing and Certification of Applications and Services of Next Generation Connected TV) has two goals that feed back on each other, both of which are generators of results with a high demand and high capacity for development international level, identified by the actual experience of the industry. of the consortium members in the Connected TV market and the Android-based Digital TV devices: The development of a distributed laboratory service that will allow the testing, validation and certification of the applications developed by for the different connected TV environments, so that they can be used in a variety of ways. to facilitate the work of digital content creators in the development of applications and services for different devices and in the markets of different countries, with a single point of sale in each country. testing, verification and certification. The creation of the best Android device implementation for Television, with hardware and software development that solves the problems identified in current systems and implementations, allowing the international export of such implementation (both in the form of hardware devices with Digital TV as well as licenses. software) by providing competitive advantages compared to manufacturers the areas of stability and independence of the Asian economy and the hardware, Interfaces adapted to the TV and adaptation to the services of the smart home, integration with tablets and cell phones, and support for of advanced Digital TV and Video management functionalities.

Participating entities

Merkum Energética 2010, S.L.(project leader). Informatica El Corte Inglés, S.A. Vilynx Spain S.L.U. Magicbox Television and Interactive Services S.L. University of the Balearic Islands Polytechnic University of Madrid Aragon Institute of Technology (ITAINNOVA).

Call for applications



Total bankable budget of the project: 2,275,985.31 . ITAINNOVA’s bankable budget: 199,737.25 .


Total project grant: 534,727.26 . Total project loan: 1,548,062.33 . ERDF co-financing: 64,880.94 . Grant to ITAINNOVA: 199,737.25 .

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