The Government of Aragon and the Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón have signed an agreement Agreement to develop, during the years 2012 to 2014, activities and support for the development of specific awareness-raising, training, and companies that promote the incorporation into their productive processes of new innovative techniques to improve their competitiveness.

The actions covered by this Agreement have their origin in achieving the objectives of the Aragonese Innovation Strategy (EAI), developed by the Government’s Department of Industry and Innovation. of Aragón, under the Agreement entered into between the then Ministry of Science and Innovation and the Autonomous Community of Aragón for the development of the State Innovation Strategy.

The activities to be carried out through this agreement are aimed at the following detection of the needs of companies in the field of technology and the implementation of systematic activities for the dissemination and awareness of the need to innovate, initiatives that will converge with the objectives of the Innovation Strategy in Aragon.

Specifically, the actions proposed by ITA are in response to the activities aimed at promoting and facilitating the development of the implementation of an innovative culture in companies, the change of the and entrepreneurial talent in order to strengthen the competitiveness of the business sector in Aragon. This is intended to to induce in companies the need to innovate and to introduce changes in their production processes and in the management models of their own resources.

In order to achieve the general objective set forth in the agreement, it has been ITA is expected to carry out the following actions:

  • Innovation workshops for learning new techniques and capabilities that add value to the production processes of the companies.
  • EMINNOVA training program, a methodology to improve the management and organization of innovation processes.
  • ForInnova: ITA Scholarship Program for training and insertion of technologists and innovation managers.
  • Service for the identification of innovative projects and advisory services for the preparation and obtaining of R&D&I financing.
  • Entrepreneur hosting project , making available to companies with adequate space, tutoring, training, and and material infrastructure to enable the development and demonstration of its products.
  • ITA’s Business Plan to strengthen its role as an important active agent of the Administration of the Autonomous Community, for the achievement of the objectives set forth in the Innovation Strategies.
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