The main objective of this project is the design, development and validation on a pilot basis of a system intelligent detection of people, in the forward and reverse trajectories. backlash of the loading machines, capable of increasing the level of safety of the operators and minimize the occurrence of accidents in the this type of operation.

The project involves SAICA, LINDE and ITAINNOVA. SAICA manufactures recycled paper from recovered paper, develops and produces sustainable solutions for paper and paper-based packaging. corrugated cardboard. It is among the three leading companies in the European packaging paper market. LINDE is a company of international benchmark in the manufacture of equipment for the lifting, transport and storage. Linde’s products are differentiate, within the sector, for their innovative and advanced technology. industrial. The Applied Research Group on Mechatronics and Systems SISTRONIC, from ITAINNOVA, has extensive experience in the development of electronic control systems.

DETECMA has Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of the Government of Spain. Spain. The budget for this project, which will run from 2014 to 2016, amounts to 1,122,261.36 .

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