General project data

  • Description: INTERREG POCTEFA 2014-2020
  • File number: EFA 234/16
  • Award date: 01/31/2018.
  • Dates of execution: January 2018 to December 2020

Presentation and objectives

ACELEStartUps aims to help young enterprises and Occitania to innovate, to grow in size, and to develop their own to internationalize, with the ultimate goal of improving their rate of survival and competitiveness. The approach to reach these objectives is to develop a cross-border methodology of acceleration specifically aimed at start-ups.

Participating entities

  • Aragon Institute of Technology (ITAINNOVA).
  • CEEI Aragon
  • CEEI Crescendo (FR)
  • CUTP (FR)

Call for applications

Spain-France-Andorra INTERREG V A Program POCTEFA 2014-2020


  • Total bankable budget of the project: 1,000,000 .
  • ITAINNOVA’s bankable budget: 360,000 .

The project has been co-financed 65% by the European Development Fund (EDF). Regional Development (ERDF) through the Interreg V-A Program. Spain-France-Andorra (POCTEFA 2014-2020). POCTEFA’s objective is to strengthening economic and social integration in the border area Spain-France-Andorra. Its assistance focuses on the development of cross-border economic, social and environmental activities a through joint strategies in favor of territorial development sustainable.

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