Corporate Social Responsibility

We connect people and knowledge to create innovations that sustainably boost the competitiveness of companies and increase the well-being of society as a whole. As a public organization, we want to do this in a responsible and sustainable way. Therefore, at ITA we have adopted a clear policy on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) where we put into practice all our knowledge at the service of society.

RSA and RSA+ seal

ITA’s socio-economic impact has been recognized once again with the award of the RSA+ seal of social responsibility of Aragon granted by the Aragonese Institute of Development on behalf of the Social Responsibility Board of Aragon (formed by CEOE Aragon, CEPYME Aragon, UGT Aragon, CCOO Aragon and the IAF on behalf of the Government of Aragon) and which seeks to encourage organizations to deepen in 5 key aspects:

  • Reconciliation of personal, family and work life, in line with the guidelines promoted by the General Directorate for Equality and Family.
  • The promotion of equality in all types of organizations, giving priority to equal opportunities and the principle of non-discrimination.
  • Volunteering, promoting collaboration between NGOs and ENL, with the aim of creating a stable relationship between the two and encouraging the use of the Cooperation Window.
  • The involvement of organizations in the promotion of culture in Aragon, promoting its relationship with the environment.
  • The commitment of organizations to the Sustainable Development Goals and the fulfillment of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

Measuring social perception

In this sense, the 5 most relevant areas for ITAINNOVA related to the measurement of social perception are:

  • ITA as a dynamizer of the regional and local economy
  • ITA as a regional reservoir of industrial and technological talent
  • ITA as an instrument of social innovation
  • ITA as a model of excellent management of a public patrimony
  • ITA as an interpreter of the future and of the social changes brought about by innovation and technology.

Many of them are oriented to areas such as the improvement of environmental management, the application of clean technologies, energy saving and efficiency, life cycle analysis.

The main risk for ITAINNOVA is to lose our unique position of dynamic balance in the achievement of results in our three areas of activity: business, R&D system and regional public administration. The opportunity provided by a CSR strategy is to convey that our activity produces shared value by applying the values and principles of each performance framework to the other two: we are concurrently obliged to be effective as a company, transcendent as a research team, and transparent as a public service.

Being responsible for the impact of our activity is a converging demand in society. In 2016 (renewed for 2019) we became a member of the club of Aragonese companies and institutions – RSA Program of the Government of Aragon – that have internalized Social Responsibility as a strategic guideline and whose principles we have subscribed to.

CSR is integrated into the annual budgeting and planning process of objectives as a need to work and reflect a fundamental part of our performance on the road to having our own strategy in the face of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), advancing in better sustainability indicators in terms of their identification, consistency with the guidelines and protocols of the Global Reporting Initiative and greater objectivity and agility in measurement.

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