Fleet systems of mobile and autonomous robots for the improvement of internal logistics processes in a Logistics 4.0 environment.

The overall objective of this project is to develop a system based on 4.0 technologies, within the field of mobile and aerial robotics, to achieve an improvement in logistics processes for warehouses and distribution centers.

Sustainable mobility
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In the current economic situation, cost reduction in processes and optimization of the use of resources is the key to the development of any company’s activities. To achieve both goals, the focus must be on efficient planning, not only in transportation, but also in all other logistics processes associated with the flow of materials within the warehouse.

To address this problem, Grupo Sesé proposed to develop a solution based on a fleet of autonomous mobile robots (ground and aerial) to improve and streamline logistics processes, mainly inventory, order preparation and supply of materials to the production process. The application of this technology in these environments enables more reliable, faster and safer operations for the people working in the processes, facilitating their work and achieving more flexible and efficient processes in line with the demands of Industry 4.0.


Development of prototype demonstrators


As part of the FAMROB project, a complete solution was designed and prototyped to enable autonomous inventory taking in high-bay racking. Specifically, the following results were obtained.

  • Autonomous Drone Prototype with indoor localization
  • Digital twin of the warehouse for designing optimal inventory management policies
  • Integration of a terrestrial platform with the aerial platform, generating a kite drone that avoids the problem of battery consumption in the drone. Coordination between both robots.
  • Development of environment perception and indoor navigation techniques.
  • Identification and code reading systems and communication with Sesé’s inventory management systems.
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