Energy efficiency

The objective of COSMOS is the development of a Big Data technology platform unique in the market, which allows the collection and massive processing of collected data for its subsequent transformation into intelligence, which allows optimizing decision making in terms of energy efficiency, through the realization of advanced predictions about the forecast of energy consumption demand.

Clean energy


In order to achieve the proposed objectives, a model for forecasting energy consumption demand must be designed to dynamically adapt to changes in consumption automatically.

Forecasts of energy consumption demand will be a determining factor for marketers in optimizing their decision making.


This is a process that requires the analysis and processing of huge amounts of data, so most of the companies in the sector do not have the tools, capacity or method to be able to carry out this prediction. This situation of technological deficiency in the market causes these commercialization companies to incur in severe deviations when making energy purchase offers, which has an impact on the cost overrun for the end consumer.

There is currently a significant technological gap in the sector, due to the lack of available technologies that take advantage of Big Data and Cloud Computing to increase energy efficiency.

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