Analysis and simulations

Analysis and simulations

Analysis and simulations

ITA’s simulation tools and our professional skills in calculation and advanced simulation of components, have as fundamental objectives the functional evaluation, durability and long term behavior of the different components of products.

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  • When is it essential to perform simulations and calculations?

    • If the company is considering the launch of a product
      In entering new markets with existing product variants
      To guarantee the structural integrity, durability and functional performance of products
      Whether it concerns mechanical components or systems; even when the component is not key to the added value of a product, a mechanical failure can involve a very high image cost, often accompanied by legal implications and, most importantly, a risk to human safety.
  • Prototyping, simulations, numerical methodologies...


    • Complete virtual prototyping of components and systems, integrating fluid dynamic simulations (CFD) for the fluid domain and by the Finite Element Method (FEM) for the solid domain.
    • Integration of CFD / FEM simulations in dynamic models of systems, based on Simulink (c) or OpenModelica (c), which allow to describe the functional behavior of such systems and to evaluate it without the need to build physical prototypes.
    • Application of numerical methodologies for the redesign and optimization of components and structures using topological optimization tools, parametric analysis, Monte Carlo simulations, DoE.

    As a result of using this set of tools, we will collaborate with you in the redesign of the component or system in order to achieve more robust products that incorporate new functionalities, drastically reducing the time-to-market and minimizing the need to build physical prototypes.

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