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Rural areas across Europe aver very different. They differ in the levels of population density, the proportion of the work force working in agriculture and the levels of cooperation and joined-up thinking between rural actors and organisations.

To ensure the future of our rural areas we need to make sure that our rural areas will become more competitive and more attractive to investors and for people to live in. A common problem across Europe is that employment opportunities are fewer and less diverse in rural areas. Rural areas often suffer from negative perceptions and are often not viewed as areas of opportunity for business.

To avoid this, we need to promote the concept of entrepreneurship in rural areas and improve the conditions for entrepreneurship. Vicor follows those objectives and the following principles:

  • Promote economy in the rural areas.
  • Fixing people and opening new business opportunities in counties and villages with negative trends in population but with human resources, local assets and potential values.
  • Create services and business reinforcing self-employment.
  • Avoid the digital fracture in the rural society
  • Stimulate business innovation and capacities
  • Contribute to extend the culture of cooperation in Europe.

VICOR launches a TIC-tool to promote rural Areas entrepreneurs and also offers the possibility to participate in a Forum with the aim to interchange information, best experiences and good practices among professionals along Europe.


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