Power generation

Power generation: ecodesign and high efficiency systems

Clean energy

Power generation: ecodesign and high efficiency systems

What is the challenge?

Global electricity demand is expected to increase by 75% to 150% by 2050, mainly due to the penetration of wind and solar PV in the energy mix; and the electrification of the transportation, industrial and residential sectors.

This transformation of the electricity generation system, which aims to make a strong contribution to achieving a climate-neutral future, faces a number of technological challenges such as improving the generation efficiency; adaptation to new uses and scales; the development of new generation technologies and energy vectors; storage systems; or the circularity of equipment and components.

Advantages and benefits

At ITA, we face the design and redesign of power generation equipment from our experience in the different physical phenomena that make up these systems, with teams of experts in fluid dynamics, mechanics, electrochemistry, materials and, of course, electrical systems and power electronics; generating multidisciplinary teams that work with their own design methodologies.

We provide support from the initial design phases through the development of models and digital twins, to prototyping and experimental testing. We have a large team of digital twin development experts with capabilities in a wide range of simulation software. Our laboratories and facilities allow us to develop and test experimental prototypes in relevant environments.

Our experience in sustainable electrical systems, electrical storage and power electronics allows us to develop intelligent systems with high efficiency and low noise level, achieving also light, compact, safe systems, and extending their useful life.

Although the energy sector is moving towards the massive use of renewable sources, other aspects of sustainability such as the circularity of the materials that make up the generation equipment cannot be overlooked. At ITA we develop multifunctional and intelligent materials with a perspective of durability and recyclability, and we work on disassembly on demand. In addition, we study mechanical, thermochemical and biological material recovery technologies and analyze their recyclability.

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