Optimization of production and logistic processes in the health sector

Optimization of production and logistics processes

Intelligent health

Optimization of production and logistics processes

What does it solve?

We work to achieve a more competitive and sustainable industry by optimizing production and logistics processes supported by simulation tools from the logic of the manufacturing process, demand, supplies and production capacity.

Advantages and benefits

Digital twin solutions for digitization of intelligent production processes

  • Digital twin of material transformation processes. combining physics-based simulation models and real on-line sensing data.
  • Digital twin for the optimization of production processes from the logic of the manufacturing process, demand, supply and production capacity. Application to layout design, improvement (and design) of material movement processes, virtual commissioning, warehouse operations, etc.
  • Digital Twin for distribution network planning and optimization of logistics and transportation processes.

Waste recovery processes

  • Aimed at improving the climate neutrality of industrial products through the development of optimal processes for the valorization of waste generated in the manufacture of such products, during their useful life or as end-of-life material.

Blockchain solutions

  • Digital patient passport, drug traceability, nfts with drug licenses, smart contracts.

IoT Solutions

  • For identification, localization or digital traceability of assets (materials, equipment, instrumentation, patients) and for process improvement and optimization (process information capture and communication).

Development of mobile robots

  • Cleaning tasks, supplies, pharmaceuticals, control of traffic and flow of people and materials, and automatic data collection.

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