Monitoring and automation systems in intelligent environments

Monitoring and automation systems in intelligent environments

Advanced digitization tools for intelligent environments

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Monitoring and automation systems in intelligent environments

What does it solve?

We work from ITA with advanced monitoring, automation and quality control systems. We develop stations and systems for monitoring, process automation, measurement and testing for quality control in production lines or laboratories.

Advantages and benefits

We work with mobile and autonomous robotic systems, which allows the company to gain operational efficiency and greater process profitability. In other words, mobile robotics works in the agricultural sector to improve productivity, specialization and environmental sustainability.

The incorporation of these robotic systems also improves the working conditions of farmers and workers. We use this technology to promote precision agriculture, transferring a large number of agricultural operations to autonomous navigation systems.

Through environmental perception and recognition systems, development of specific solutions for monitoring machines and equipment (OEE, energy consumption, water consumption, etc.), indoor localization, IIoT (Industrial IoT) applications with an Industry 4.0 approach and development of data analysis software for data-driven predictive decision making through AI.

We also incorporate decision support tools based on advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence technologies, such as applications for planning, scheduling, management and dashboard processes, allowing us to optimize production systems such as farms or plantations.

Value proposition:

To bring decision tools to producers and entrepreneurs for decision making and automation of complex tasks.

Success stories

It applies the full technological potential of Industry 4.0 to the agricultural sector.

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