Design of agricultural machines, special machines

Design of agricultural machines, special machines

Digital Agribusiness

Design of agricultural machines, special machines

What does it solve?

We work on the development of agricultural machinery to improve the efficiency of production processes, as well as collaborative machinery in environments with workers and animals.

Advantages and benefits

We also design and develop special machines that seek to adapt to the changes and disruptive technologies in the agricultural sector, in close relation with customized functionalities for each agribusiness sector.

We incorporate in the design concepts closely related to the challenges of the sector, such as improved efficiency and sustainability of agricultural machinery. We develop control and monitoring systems, and incorporate technology for emission reduction and process automation.

Value proposition: We use advanced technologies for image processing and artificial intelligence for the analysis and interpretation of information. These systems can be integrated into existing equipment and machinery to improve efficiency and safety. throughout the agri-food industry, or can be used in the development of new technological solutions customized to the specific needs of each customer.

We help you design and develop the most advanced agricultural machinery.

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