Bioenergy: support for reactor design and operation, and acceleration of commissioning.

Clean energy

Bioenergy: support for reactor design and operation, and acceleration of commissioning.

What is the challenge?

Biogas and biomethane have a key role to play in the energy transition because of their contribution to the decarbonization of industry and transportation. It also favors a more import-independent energy system and contributes to a sustainable and circular economy.

The technological challenges facing this growing sector are the development of efficient and cost-effective equipment; adaptation to different wastes; and a circular and efficient solution for the digestate.

Advantages and benefits

The development of bioreactors, as well as pretreatment and upgrading equipment, is a multidisciplinary field that requires collaboration for the integration of knowledge and technologies from various scientific and technical areas. Under this collaboration framework, ITAINNOVA offers you a highly qualified human team and the appropriate material means to provide support in optimization and new developments in biogas and biomethane plants.

Our expertise in modeling, simulation and AI for optimal design and scale-up of equipment including bioreactors and other waste pretreatment and biogas upgrading equipment allows us to deploy methodologies to accelerate the design and commissioning of this equipment.

Through downscaling strategies, we help companies increase their knowledge of their processes to solve problems, adapt to changes or improve their efficiency. These numerical-experimental techniques make use, not only of simulation methodologies, but also of experimental results obtained in our biological processes laboratory.

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