Platform flexible, scalable, universal programmable electronics, which serves as a point of for the design of any PESSRAL and UCM device in accordance with UNE-EN81-20 and UNE-EN81-50.

This PESSRAL platform complies with all security requirements Functional both in hardware and software and serves as a reference for the development of new safety devices and systems for elevators.

The platform is designed as a system with the capacity to achieve different SIL integrity levels, with a minimum required functionality of and simulate certain situations of danger and the possibility of the correct operation of the safety system, avoiding such a situation. hazardous situation and allowing the elevator to remain in a safe state.

The The system consists of two main safety functions:

  • Signal monitoring from one or more sensors
  • And the prevention of a situation of danger.

See have implemented two PESSRAL functionalities. The first of these detects the overspeed in the cabin of an elevator installation and activated by a electrical set-point of the cabin detection means. The second has the function of detecting the (UCM) and the activation of the cabin uncontrolled movement (UCM) and the activation of the security.

You are at functionalities are considered as parts of a basic system to which the can add new functions, add or design new safety sensors, increase the number of actuators, etc., as required.

Due to the regulatory changes that have occurred in the elevator sector (elevator directive 2014/33/EU) and the increased complexity of functionalities and performance of elevators PESSRAL systems based on programmable electronics are emerging as the solution to reliably address these new challenges in the sector.For more information:

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The valorization of the R&D results generated by ITAINNOVA is 50% co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of the Aragon ERDF Operational Program 2014-2020.

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