Mu-flow, fluid handling with minimum dead volume.

Mu-flow, fluid handling with minimum dead volume.

Sector: Industrial
Development grade: TRL 7
Description: It is a microvalve array driven with external piezoelectric actuators, with a configurable channel structure through the use of small volume interchangeable microfluidic chips.
Patents: Patent ES201531539A1.

Mu-flow emphasizes the benefits of microfluidics: microfluidic handling with a minimum of dead volume, easily automated and scalable, from small size and reduced consumption. It also improves aspects such as ease of use, standardization and cost reduction in order to achieve better acceptance by the market.

Among the other distinguishing features of Mu-flow is the high compactness, by having a large number of inlet/outlet ports in a small size valve, the existence of a disposable encapsulation of low cost for materials in contact with fluids and availability of multi-circuit encapsulation packages, which are customizable under demand.

This valve has a direct application in the following fields:

  • Fluid control in microfluidic systems
  • Diagnostics
  • Bioreactors /Micro reactors
  • Cell culture
  • Tissue culture
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Drug supply

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