Prototyping of Intelligent Big Data Solutions

moriarty® is a tool for the design and implementation of advanced Artificial Intelligence software solutions, developed by ITAINNOVA, composed of the following solutions:

  • Social moriarty®: Intelligent Social Media Analytics
  • Search moriarty®: Intelligent Semantic Searching
  • Suggesting moriarty®: Intelligent Recommendations
  • moriarty® Profiling: Intelligent User Profiling
  • moriarty® Insights: Intelligent extraction of new concepts
  • Analytics moriarty®: Intelligent Big Data Analytics

moriarty® allows:

– Solve different business problems with large volumes of data (BIG DATA).

– Understanding and structuring information, identifying hidden patterns and correlations in data, inducing knowledge, as well as building learning systems.

– Convert data into valuable information facilitating strategic decision making, in an agile, accurate and simple way.

– Obtain useful business knowledge from the capture, storage, processing and massive analysis of information.

Its ability to use advanced semantic analysis techniques gives it a differential value that makes moriarty® a unique tool.

For more information:

or you can visit the official website:

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The valorization of the R&D results generated by ITAINNOVA is 50% co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of the Aragon ERDF Operational Program 2014-2020.

“Building Europe from Aragon”.
European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

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