What is the IoT & Blockchain Lab?

With our IoT & Blockchain lab we want to generate an innovation ecosystem in which companies, trainees, entrepreneurs and ITAINNOVA researchers work together in the development of new systems and products that generate high value for our society through IoT, Blockchain and Data Analytics technologies.

Infrastructure for Blockchain projects

Work team and technological assets dedicated to the research and development of technologies related to distributed recording technologies. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and specialized software, this lab allows to explore and design innovative solutions for blockchain-based projects.

This lab provides an environment for experimentation and collaboration where to test different network configurations, evaluate performance, assess scalability issues and develop new tools and protocols that will drive blockchain technology forward into the future.

Electronics and communication systems laboratory (Edge computing)

Internet of Things (IoT), which is making it possible to connect the physical and digital worlds through the use of physical devices capable of obtaining information from reality, communicating it and processing it in real time to generate valuable services.

Cloud Digital Twin development tools

Cloud-based platform that allows you to create, manage and use digital twins efficiently and collaboratively.

Cloud tools for digital twins provide capabilities to store large volumes of data, process and analyze information in real time, and collaborate with different stakeholders in a shared environment. These tools allow users to create and maintain up-to-date digital twins, leveraging real-time data from sensors, IoT devices or other sources.

By using a cloud tool, users can access their digital twins from anywhere and at any time, facilitating collaboration and information sharing between teams and organizations. These platforms have intuitive interfaces and interactive visualization tools to facilitate understanding and analysis of digital twin data.

Cloud tools for digital twins provide simulation and optimization capabilities, allowing users to test different scenarios and perform predictive analytics to improve real-world performance and decision-making.

Patent in process:

Digital Twin for Supply Chain over the Physical Internet framework.

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