A creative and open space to immerse yourself in imagination, innovation and new digital and sustainable technologies.

A place to get inspired, learn, dream, design, prototype and accelerate ideas, but above all, a place to meet and connect with other innovators, where to share experiences and new projects.

A 450 m2 space divided into 3 areas: Learn, invent and create, arranged to promote creativity, innovation and collaboration between the Aragonese technology ecosystem.


A space of discovery and inspiration. A place with everything necessary to hold conferences, workshops and share experiences with other innovators.

Equipped with furniture adaptable to the lively and changing environment planned for the space (conferences, workshops…). Physical infrastructure for both the speaker and the attendees (table, lectern, chairs, bench…).


A space where you can work, develop your project or co-design with others. Designed to foster collaboration, innovation and the development of ideas and projects.

In addition, you will be able to receive advice from the Institute’s experts if you have any doubts about the project.


A space equipped with digital fabrication tools and technologies that will allow you to create and produce your own projects. In addition, you will be able to count on the advice of ITA experts in the process.

The space is equipped with manufacturing, welding and 3D printing machines to bring your idea to reality or learn with the “learning by doing” methodology in the workshops.

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