Artificial Intelligence is one of the key technologies in the digital transformation of companies and will have the greatest impact on their progress, increasing their productivity, the speed of decision-making and data monetization.

Algorithms are gaining relevance in companies in order to extract value from data and support decision making, which will be supported by systems that learn automatically.

From the Laboratory we want to work with companies and Public Administrations in the development of innovative solutions based on data, developing together products that respond to their specific needs from the idea to the production of the products.

The mission of the AI&SC Smart Lab is to bring Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Systems technologies from Aragon to the public and private sectors, to help their growth and competitiveness on their way to digital transformation.

AI&SC Smart Lab’s vision is to be a European reference in cognitive technologies for public administration and business sectors where extracting value from data can be a competitive advantage.

The services offered by the Laboratory for the companies are:

  • Big Idea Consulting, ITAINNOVA’s own methodology for accompanying companies, organizations and startups in their innovation process for the definition of their products and services based on data.
  • Transfer, practical training sessions for all company profiles, so that they are able to extract the greatest value from the data from the business, technological and data science perspectives.
  • Development of turnkey projects, aimed at companies and organizations with specific needs, we develop their projects using agile and iterative methodologies.
  • Road to the DataLake. A comprehensive support to companies and organizations that are on the path of digital transformation guided by the implementation of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies. We cover the needs of the company from the first proofs of concept to the launch and deployment of the final datalake.
  • Marcos de Colaboración globales con empresas. Pretenden proporcionar un marco estable y de larga duración para que las empresas que tienen una estrategia de transformación digital basada en estas tecnologías, se involucren en el desarrollo de una manera más activa. Representa un compromiso cercano con un pequeño número de empresas importantes. Las empresas podrán acceder a servicios tales como:  
    • Work on R&D technology development projects in Big Data and AI technologies.
    • Development of proofs of concept with ITAINNOVA personnel.
    • Transfer and training in the field of AI.
    • Support in the search for and presentation of competitive public financing.
    • Search for talent for the development of projects and transfer to the company.
    • Organization of specific conferences on topics of interest to the company.
    • Access to the showroom facilities
    • Advertising in ITA media (third millennium, R&D articles, BDVA, showroom).

Collaborations with technology suppliers. The idea is that organizations and companies that provide Artificial Intelligence and Big Data software or other types of services that support these technologies can provide their technology to the Laboratory so that it can be used for the development of proofs of concept or R&D&I projects. We currently have agreements with:

  • BIFI of the University of Zaragoza as an Elastic Cloud/HPC Service Provider.
  • I3A of the University of Zaragoza as a collaborator in the development of the vertical Moriarty Health.

In the Laboratory Showroom you will be able to see first-hand products developed for companies in different sectors with different problems. These products are based on technologies such as natural language analysis for the discovery of knowledge in texts, machine learning for the detection of faults and patterns in processes and machines or image and video processing with deep learning.

IA&SC SmartLab Infrastructure

The laboratory has a room with computers to offer courses on AI with GPU infrastructure.

The laboratory has an infrastructure of 6 servers with 512 GB of memory each and more than 100 TB of storage for the deployment of CLOUD solutions and the development of prototype solutions.

It also has a computing infrastructure with 5 servers with between 512GB and 1TB of memory and more than 150TB of storage. It has a GPUS infrastructure of 4 NVIDIA XP cards, 5 NVIDIA V100 cards, 2 NVIDIA A100 cards, 8 NVIDIA H100 cards, allowing the training of large data, image, video and language models (Large Language Models-llm).

In addition, it has agreements with the largest European HPC providers and access to Microsoft Azure, Google and Amazon WS solutions.

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