Commodity supply chains and other sectors, such as the consumer goods sector, as well as other sectors, such as the health, automobile, etc., are currently lacking in general. global vision of them as a whole system. This lack of The global vision leads to major inefficiencies. In addition, the decision-making processes in the logistics environment, both in terms of the The planning and day-to-day operations are becoming more and more complex.

To achieve a vision of the chain logistics as a joint system, it is necessary that all stakeholders (manufacturers, transporters, traders, etc.) are willing to collaborate securely by sharing information, services and infrastructure, so that together the overall operation will be much more eco-efficient.

The application of existing technologies can favor and encourage increased collaboration among the different stakeholders. supply chains and, in this way, improve the quality of the supply chain. eco-efficiency of logistics processes and their synchronization. In addition, this application of technologies can help in the complex decision-making processes in the logistics environment.

In response to this situation, the The TECCAS project aims to disseminate and transfer the knowledge and skills to the actors in the space food supply chains cross-border (industry, commerce, logistics operators and of the potential and capabilities of transport operators). information and communications technologies to increase the efficiency of the eco-efficiency of its logistic operations through increased collaboration among them and the improvement of decision-making processes. oriented to both planning and real-time operations.

This project, financed by the Spain-France-Andorra Cooperation Operational Programme 2007-2013 (funds from FEDER), started on June 1, 2012 and will last for two years. years. The project has four partners, the School of Engineering of Tarbes (ENIT), the Chamber of Commerce of Tarbes (CCIT), the Association of Tarbes Aragonese agri-food companies (AIAA) and the Technological Institute of Aragon (Instituto Tecnológico of Aragon.

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