General information

  • Call: H2020-NMBP-04-2017 – Architectured /Advanced material concepts for intelligent bulk material structures.
  • reference: 760779
  • Approved: 29/06/2017
  • Duration: 01/01/2018- 31/12/2021

Introduction and objectives

SMARTFAN proposes the development of smart material and product architectures with integrated functionalities that will interact with their environment and react to stimuli by employing biomimetic, self-sensing, actuating and damage-repairing technologies. Their smartness is based on bio-inspired engineering and the use of, (i) low- and high-grade carbon fibres (CF), (ii) CF reinforced polymers (CFRPs) and (iii) nano-/micro- composites with special physicochemical properties, in order to develop smart (bulk) materials, applied on intelligent structures.

In SMARTFAN, ITAINNOVA plays a significant role in WP5 Modelling-Enhanced continuum mechanics approaches. ITAINNOVA will support the development of the smart materials proposed in the project, using different type of models depending on the material property and scale required. In this sense, computational modelling will be used as a key tool for the materials design, taking into account that their properties/performance will strictly depend on their specific internal architectures. In addition, it will contribute in the following activities: development of smart materials with focus in self-healing and self-sensing (considering both thermoplastic and thermoset polymers); study of recyclability of some of the smart thermoplastics developed; characterization of the smart materials, analysis of applicability of some of the thermoplastic materials developed to FFF 3D printing techniques and testing on supercapacitance and EMS.


SMARTFAN is integrated by 18 partners from 8 European countries:

National Technical University of Athens, Warrant Group, Canoe Platform Adera, Dallara Automobili, Instituto Tecnológico Aragón (ITAINNOVA), Elica, Foundation for Research and Technology- Hellas, Innovation in Research and Engineering Solutions, Techedge Group, Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (INEGI), Politecnico de Monterrey, Mexico. di Torino, Thales Research and Technology, University of Rome – Tor Vergata, University of Birmingham, BioGen3D – 3D New Technologies, Open Source Management, Critical Materials and Lavrion Technology Culture Park.


Horizon 2020. Research and Innovation Framework Programme. Call NMP-22- 2016-2017 NANOTECHNOLOGIES, ADVANCED MATERIALS, BIOTECHNOLOGY AND PRODUCTION – NMBP-04-2017 – Architectured /Advanced material concepts for intelligent bulk material structures.


  • Project total budget: 7.989.601,25 €.
  • ITAINNOVA budget: 469.250,00 €.


  • Project total grant: 7.989.601,25 €.
  • ITAINNOVA grant: 469.250,00 €.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº: 760779.

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