Smart Moss Europe is dedicated to the cultivation and encapsulation of a specific moss in a technological reservoir called Moss box that will provide welfare to the plant, analyzing and enhancing its condition and efficiency. Strengthening the relationship between humans and plants through technology to achieve a place of joint well-being in our indoor spaces, where we spend much of the time of our lives is the goal that this project aims to address with Moss box and all that surrounds it. Artificial intelligence and the app serve as a communication tool between the user and the plant in order to have a real and unique relationship with “your” plant. Also in the organic fertilizer that the plant becomes at the end of its life and that will serve the growth of new plants in a sustainable way. And finally, the system for monitoring the environmental quality of the environment in real time, which in the future will serve to create a network for analyzing the state of the cities of the future. Improving the quality of the environment and strengthening ties with plants is a pending account that we have with nature and that, thanks to technology, can now open up a new horizon.

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