The need of Spanish companies to be at the forefront of the European companies, in a borderless market and in a market without borders. dominated by the filter of competitiveness, it forces them to adapt to the requirements of the applicable Directives and Regulations. There is among SMEs in the industrial sector, there is currently a high level of uncertainty in ensuring the compliance of their products with such requirements.

This degree of uncertainty is caused by different aspects, such as: the lack of knowledge of the legislation of and human resources and the vision of the company, the lack of of security as a productive constraint. All these aspects are products that the SMEs manufacture or sell. The improvement of safety is therefore an important aspect of the relegated within the product development cycle.

In view of this situation, the Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón, in collaboration with six technology centers nationwide, has launched a Supraregional Innoempresa project, supported by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, with the objective of creating a collaborative working environment with other technological centers that to make it easier for SMEs to assimilate the knowledge and availability of the necessary tools, in order to guarantee the compliance of its products with the applicable legislation.

In the Security Observatory project Industrial collaborating technology centers at national level: AIMEN (Galicia), AIMME (Valencian Community), CIDEMCO (Basque Country), INVEMA (Valencia), CIDEMCO (Basque Country), INVEMA (Spain), AIMME (Spain), CIDEMCO (Spain). (Basque Country), ITA (Aragón), ITCL (Castilla y León) and LEIA (Basque Country).

The importance of creating a collaborative environment (Observatory of Industrial Safety) with other technological centers. at the national level involves joining the individual efforts that are being the improvement of industrial safety on the part of the different centers that are part of the project. It will involve the and the participation of a number of companies that present a number of common problems with regard to the need to put in the market safe products.

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