Aid for the maintenance of scientific equipment

The Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón receives funding under the call for grants for the repair, maintenance and overhaul of scientific equipment of research centers and organizations of the Autonomous Community of Aragón for 2016, co-financed with the Operational Program ERDF Aragón 2014-2020. In particular, it has received funds for the maintenance of the Equipment for dynamo-mechanical and thermal characterization of polymers (thermal DSC and TGA equipment, DMA dynamic-thermo-mechanical analyzer and rheometer) (Ref. EQ/101/16) and for the Mechatronics product R&D related equipment (Multi Axial System Test and Climatic Chamber, Universal Dynamic Testing Machines and Benches) (Ref. EQ/102/16). The Institute’s research groups benefiting from this funding are:

  1. Applied Research Group in Simulation, Characterization, Design and Development of Materials – SICADDEMA SICADDEMA (Ref. T15).
  2. Applied Research Group in Industrial Systems and Multimedia – SIMEDIA SIMEDIA (Ref. T84).
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