Cellars 5.0

Cellars 5.0

Cellars 5.0

Improve warehouse processes

The Bodega 5.0 project aims to provide a differential solution in the wine sector, providing a technological innovation solution that improves the overall operational processes of a winery or cooperative, from harvesting, winemaking, production and marketing of wine.

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The promoter of the Bodega 5.0 project was the company Bodegas San Valero (BSV), an Aragonese cooperative located in Cariñena (Zaragoza) specialized in the production and marketing of its own wines and cavas. BSV is one of the few wineries in Spain that controls the complete cycle from the grape harvest to the marketing of the wine to the consumer and had the need to integrate and connect all its internal processes.

Comextic is the technological partner that is also driving the project and the new technological solution and provides technological services and business solutions that integrate data sources with the objective of facilitating knowledge-based decision making. And finally, for the development of the project, both companies required a technological partner that could address the development of R&D, and for this reason they counted on ITAINNOVA.
Although it is a sector highly oriented towards innovation projects, most of them focus on improving the product and its quality, but somehow leave aside all the processes behind it, which are necessary and fundamental to achieve that product.


Bodega 5.0 is a research and development (R&D) project, financed through CDTI’s IDI program, whose objective is focused on the development of IT technology that allows the orchestration of an Advanced S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning) process in the harvesting, processing, production and marketing operations for the wineries and wine cooperatives sector.

The S&OP process is a decision-making methodology based on the generation of a feasible plan, unique and agreed upon by all departments, which seeks a balance between demand and production and purchasing, improving communication and efficiency between the areas involved, in order to achieve the company’s individual and global strategies and objectives.

It is a comprehensive approach to balancing demand and supply, aligning commercial, operational and financial plans with business strategy over an appropriate time horizon.

The project has used the KAJAL tool, developed at the Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón, which is an integrated planning platform that we have implemented in many companies. The different modules of the KAJAL platform help us to forecast demand, to optimize stock in our warehouses, to plan orders to suppliers, to plan production lines or to analyze different planning scenarios.

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