Autonomous and connected vehicle

Development of an autonomous and connected vehicle at MOTORLAND and TECNOPARK.

Sustainable mobility


The objective of the project is the development of an autonomous and connected vehicle to serve as a use case demonstrator of the advanced features and added value provided by 5G technology, which enables low latency and high bandwidth communications, and more specifically the 5G infrastructure. standaloneMOTORLAND and TECNOPARK in Alcañiz, in the province of Teruel, will be part private and part public.


This demonstrator will consist of a vehicle with autonomous driving characteristics, connected to a realistic simulation environment, which will allow injecting events and characteristics of the environment, objects, people or other vehicles synthetically to the vehicle’s perception systems, allowing experimenting, testing and validating how the vehicle would behave in certain driving situations, many of them risky, such as a pedestrian or vehicle crossing or getting in the vehicle’s path.

It will also install a set of sensors in the circuit infrastructure that, together with the communications infrastructure, will provide the vehicle with more information for decision-making in autonomous driving through V2I technology (Vehicle to Infrastructure Communication).

Applied technological solutions

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