Luminaire IoT platform

Can you imagine knowing which parts of a warehouse are operational? Real-time mapping of forklift or operator paths in a plant? Know if someone has been trapped in a cold room? To have a constant temperature map of the productive means and to avoid possible failures in advance?

The Aragonese startup LED 5V has developed solutions that respond through an IoT platform for luminaires to many of the classic problems of industrial companies, improving their production processes through the continuous collection of information and relying on Industry 4.0 technologies.

Efficient and circular industry


LED5V devised an innovative system of luminaires that communicate with each other to receive and transmit information from the environment through various communication modules and sensors. Each luminaire is a node to which various sensors and wireless communication systems can be incorporated, with the aim that the set of these luminaires would function as a sensor network, capturing and transmitting information in real time within an IoT platform. The system is in the process of being patented.

LED5V, a company with which we have been collaborating since its inception in improving its range of luminaires, both urban and industrial, has relied on us to convert a luminaire into an IoT product.


  • Electronic and thermal design with the objective of extending the life of the lamp, extending the life of the LEDs.
  • Internal sensorization (consumption, temperature…) and external sensorization (thermal maps, gases, noise…).
  • Incorporation of hardware protocols for the IoT platform for communication with people and machines (BLE, ZIGBEE, MQTT, HTTP….).
  • Modular design to facilitate the manufacture of luminaires with different features and functionalities, so that the cost can be adjusted to the value provided by their integration in a specific Industry 4.0 environment.
  • Design of an electronic architecture for the NODOLED 4.0 luminaire with future projection, i.e., a flexible, scalable and configurable electronic system according to the needs of the IoT platform and technology evolution.
  • Development of an electronic board, according to the designed architecture, that integrates scene sensors to detect presence by infrared (PIR) or ultrasound, thermal micro-cameras (thermopile array) to detect relevant changes in the scene in industrial and logistic environments as well as environmental sensors for humidity, temperature, gases, fumes, presence of harmful substances, etc.
  • Integration of these electronics in the luminaire and with the Dali communications protocol that will provide internal operating data of the luminaire itself.
  • Design and development of a communications protocol, based on IoT architectures, of the luminaire with the cloud as well as development of the applications at both ends corresponding to the use cases to be piloted.

Applied technological solutions

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