Diagnosis of gastric cancer

GastricAITool: Early Diagnosis & Prevention of Gastric Cancer

The Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón ITAINNOVA and the Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria de Aragón (IISA) have developed GastricAITool, a diagnostic and prognostic tool for gastric cancer using Artificial Intelligence techniques and Big Data technologies. The aim is to support clinicians in making crucial decisions and to facilitate more personalized strategies and follow-up for patients.

Intelligent health


The motivation for the project lies in the poor prognosis and incidence of gastric cancer, which is the fifth most common cancer and the third leading cause of death from the disease. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a solution that enables early diagnosis of gastric cancer and prevents adverse prognoses, based on patient information. This tool will be available to researchers and clinicians through the platform developed under the GATEKEEPER project.

It may be used, for example, to predict the diagnosis of gastric cancer in high-risk patients, such as first-degree relatives, or in patients with premalignant gastric lesions. In addition, it will allow the identification of those patients who may have a more severe disease course, requiring early and personalized therapeutic interventions, as well as closer follow-up.


This solution focuses on the application of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence techniques and tools to improve the health of citizens, specifically in the early detection of gastric cancer. The collaboration between the Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Group of the Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón and the Translational Research in Digestive Pathology Group of the Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria de Aragón has been fundamental to achieve this significant advance.

GATEKEEPER’s main objective is to create a platform that connects healthcare providers, companies, entrepreneurs and senior citizens, in order to promote independent and healthy living in the aging population. Its focus is on applying advanced technologies to improve the quality of life and efficiency in the delivery of healthcare services in Europe.

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