Noise tests

Noise tests

Noise tests

Noise tests. We credit your silence

In a world increasingly aware of environmental impact and human well-being, noise is a critical factor that can determine the success or failure of your business. In the industrial environment, noise is not simply an annoying companion, but an indicator of quality, efficiency and sustainability. In this context, we offer specialized noise testing services to help you stand out in an increasingly demanding market.

Why noise matters more than you think

Noise is more than a nuisance; it is an environmental and public health problem. From stress to sleep disorders and cardiovascular disease, their impact on human well-being is undeniable. In the industrial field, noise also influences purchasing decisions, being an attribute increasingly valued by consumers concerned about the quality and sustainability of the products they buy.

Noise and competitiveness in your company

In a constantly evolving market, silence becomes a key differentiator. The “Silent Transition” is underway, where noise reduction has become a strategic objective for machinery manufacturers and users. Is your company prepared for this change?

Navigating the regulatory maze

We understand that complying with noise emission regulations can be overwhelming. From international regulations to municipal regulations, we are here to guide you through the process and ensure that your machinery meets the highest standards.

Prove your silence: The 2000/14/EC Directive

Directive 2000/14/EC establishes noise emission limits for machinery used outdoors. Our specialized noise testing team can help you ensure compliance with these standards, from measuring sound power to producing the CE declaration of conformity.

Do you want us to help you reduce the noise of your machines?

Our services

We are an ENAC accredited noise laboratory and perform standardized and specific tests to support product development:

  • Noise laboratory


    Standardized noise tests

    ENAC accredited testing laboratory with accreditation No. 100/LE257. Standards:

    • EN ISO 3744 (Sound power – Engineering method)
    • EN ISO 3746 (Sound power – Control method)
    • Directive 2000/14/EC (Noise Performance – Machinery for use outdoors)
    • EN 61373 (railway material)
    • EN 81-50 (elevator components)

    Noise and vibration in CE marked machines

    • Noise at the operator’s station (EN ISO 11200; 11202; 11204)
    • Hand-arm vibration (standards EN ISO 20643; ISO 5349)
    • Whole-body vibration (EN 1032; ISO 2631-1)

    Environmental noise (noise laws; municipal ordinances)

    Vibroacoustic product characterization tests

    • Noise and vibration testing to customer specification
    • Noise and vibration measurements in elevator installations (in ITAINNOVA towers and on site).
    • Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA)
    • Operational Modal Analysis (OMA)
    • Analysis of vibration shapes in operation (ODS)
    • Localization of noise sources in machines / products.
    • Acoustic quality: Binaural measurements
    • Squeak & Rattle Rehearsals
    • Noise tests on benches under customer specification.

ENAC accreditations for the Noise Laboratory

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