Mechanical testing

Mechanical testing

Mechanical testing

For the physical characterization of different types of materials and components, ITA works under the framework of national and international standards (UNE, EN, ISO, ASTM, etc.) or according to customer specifications.

  • Mechanical laboratory


    Mechanical testing for metallic materials

    • Tensile strength up to 900kN
    • Vickers hardness
    • Rockwell hardness
    • Brinell Hardness
    • Simple folding
    • Charpy resistance from ambient temperature down to -80ºC
    • Machining and preparation of test specimens

    Tests for welded joints, for the homologation of welders and welding procedures.

    • Transverse tensile test up to 900kN
    • Vickers hardness and microhardness measurement (trace chain)
    • Bending test
    • Macroscopic examination
    • Charpy resilience test from ambient temperature down to -80°C
    • Machining and preparation of test specimens

    Tests for plastics, elastomers and adhesive bonds

    • Tensile and compression test with or without conditioning cycles
    • 3-point and 4-point bending test
    • Single and double overlap shear tests on adhesive joints
    • Tensile test perpendicular to faces
    • Universal machine tests at temperatures between -70ºC and +250ºC.
    • Shore A hardness, Shore D hardness and IRHD-micro hardness measurements
    • Vicat softening temperature measurement
    • Machining and preparation of test specimens, including fabrication of adhesive bonds with application of cure-post-cure cycles

    Tests for composite materials

    • Tensile test
    • In-plane shear test
    • Out-of-plane shear test
    • Compression test
    • Mode I and mode II inter-laminar fracture test
    • Iosipescu Essay
    • Strain monitoring by extensometry on test specimens
    • Manufacture of panels according to customer’s technical specifications, application of curing-post-curing cycles, machining and preparation of test samples.

    Tests for elevator components

    • Testing of instantaneous elevator parachutes
    • Testing of progressive elevator chutes
    • Sheave hardening depth test
    • Bonding test on elevator brake shoes, linings and levers
    • Machining and preparation of test specimens

    Tests for experimental verification of components and finished products

    We develop tests to verify design requirements, validation of numerical calculations, etc.

    • Verification of sports components against UNE-EN-ISO standards (basketball goals, soccer and handball goals, spectator stands, etc.) with monitoring of displacements and/or deformations.
    • Verification of the resistance of components related to MOPYC- Public Works and Construction Machinery (formwork boards and bars, platforms for loading and unloading materials on site, handrails, staircases, accessible floors, cutting tables, etc.).
    • Verification of automotive components (springs, silent blocks, flexible hoses, seals, etc.)
    • Verification of storage and transport elements (racks, load handlers, containers, etc.)

ENAC accreditations for the Mechanical Testing Laboratory:

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